The Business Playbook for Champions: Your Shortcut to Success

I’m ready for my Playbook

Are you wondering how you can build a sustainable business in the midst of a global pandemic?

Are you looking for accountability to help you take your business to the next level?

You are a CHAMPION and this is your season to THRIVE!

You’re afraid to take the risk of starting a business in the middle of a global crisis. 

You’ve attempted to start a business on your own in the past but lacked the skillsets to get the business off the ground.

You get overwhelmed while researching all of the business startup requirements.

You know what type of business you want to build but you don’t know where to be begin.

You lack the accountability to stay on track with business initiatives and end up making poor investment decisions.

It is Your Life & Your Destiny, it is time to take your journey from mediocre to successful!

Could there be an approach that helps you to build your business during one of the most uncertain times in our nations history?

Could there be a way to not only build a business but ensure your business is sustainable for years to come?

Is there a proven way to build a strong foundation for your business that focuses on marketing, strategy and risk management?

The Business Playbook for Champions is the answer!

How Can I help you?

Coach R. LaShun helps female coaches & consultants build sustainable businesses through high performance coaching. Her custom training program focuses on thriving during a crisis, setting attainable goals, and conquering self doubt.

R. LaShun created The Business Playbook for Champions after encountering setbacks within her own business during the aftermath of 9/11. By using the instructions from the playbook, she was not only able to survive the most tragic event in our history but help her clients thrive as well. She was able to use the same tools and techniques when the world as we know it changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

R. LaShun lives and works by the principle: It is Your Life and Your Destiny, empower yourself to transform it from good to great!

Getting you the results you deserve

By applying clear and concise steps within your business model you will:

Gain CLARITY of YOUR journey through proven tools & resources that will inspire you to look beyond what the eyes can see

Take Accountability of your LIFE's journey by empowering your mind to conquer the  power of self-doubt to achieve your dreams and desires 

TRANSFORM  your business from profitless to sustainable success helping you reach your ultimate DESTINY

Are you ready to take a peek inside of The Business Playbook for Champions?

Unlock the Business Playbook

Presenting: The Business Playbook for Champions: Your Shortcut to Success

A 12-Month Coaching Intensive led by Coach R. LaShun Williams

Month 1-2:

Develop a strong foundation that clearly defines your brand

Month 3-4:

Develop a marketing strategy that sets you apart from the competition

Month 5-6:

Develop a business structure that sets your business up for maximum profitability

Month 7-8:

Build your network to convert leads into clients

Month 9-10:

Develop a winning product that continuously yields profit no matter the economical climate

Month 11-12:

Create a risk management plan so that you can proactively handle the unexpected

At the end of the 12-Month Intensive you’ll walk away with:

  • A sustainable product that generates predictable income
  • A pipeline of steady leads to convert to clients
  • A winning playbook to help you pivot when issues arise

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What clients are saying


"Coach R. LaShun Williams' service and professionalism goes above and beyond one’s expectations. She sacrifices her time to see others succeed. She has dedicated herself to help others become well‐rounded individuals, incorporating their personal, professional, and spiritual growth in the process. I am grateful to know to her!"  

-  Scooter P.

"For 30 years I have known Coach R. LaShun Williams, she has been a dedicated, personal able, compassionate, fair, and respectful character.  Everything she commits to, she gives 100% of herself.  I’m sure that is why, over the years, everyone she has coached give her high praise and everyone want to be coached by her."

- D. Harris


“Coach R. LaShun Williams' background, along with her calm and confident personality gives her the ability to form connections with everyone she meets. She has exceptional work ethic and holds those around her to the same high standards to which she holds herself."

- Matt M.

“Coach R. LaShun Williams is fast, flexible and friendly! She is a pleasure to work with and she brings joy to everyone she comes into contact with.”

- Jason B.

"I have personally witnessed Coach R. LaShun Williams' passion for coaching people, her ability to connect to people of various backgrounds, her capacity to build bridges and most important her ability to lead. As a coach myself, I will say that her coaching style has always focused on the details. She has the knowledge and communication skills to have her clients execute at a high level consistently. With her proven track record of coaching success, her being a longtime well‐respected coach, on top of being an effective leader, I highly recommend her."

- S. Robinson

“Always a person I can depend on when I need it. Coach R L Williams is a person who tells it like it is and extremely patient to make sure I reach the goals that is front me. Need more like her.”

- Stan A.

“It is my please to share my experience working with Coach R. L. Williams! She is very professional and honest, which is important to me. She provided me with advice and suggestions regarding the startup of my event planning business which I have taken to heart and utilized every nugget! What impressed me the most was Coach Williams's knowledge and experience regarding start up needs and tasks, and her willingness to share her learnings in an effort to help me start off on the right foot! Again, I value her honesty in regards to what would and wouldn't be a good idea to do, i.e., "there are many event planners out there, what makes you different...what is your niche?" I’m sure she will continue to do well as she brings professionalism, integrity, honesty, compassion and knowledge to all that she interacts with!”

- Kelda H.

The Business Playbook for Champions: Your Shortcut to Success

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The Business Playbook for Champions: Your Shortcut to Success

Don’t delay, sign up today!!

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Installment Plan

12 payments of


(investment and grow)